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Features and benefits

Transform task management with innovative software solutions.

Improve communication
Manage Nurse Calls
Increase Safety

Easily connect staff through person-to-person, person-to-role or person-to-rostered assignment voice calls. Never miss a nurse call and ensure every call is answered within a recommended time frame. Put a duress button in the hands of every staff member that shows who needs help and where.

Simple icon-based design supports communication within a diverse workforce. If a call can't be actioned immediately, allow another team member to make a timely response with call forwarding. Improve response times by providing your team with contextural information on urgent requests.

Intelligent call routing drives team efficiencies. Understand nurse call priority at a glance with colour-coded call requests. Manage every duress event as a closed loop and ensure no event ever goes unmanaged.

Reduce unnecessary interruptions with targeted communication that supports shift-based assignments. Stay on top of paperwork through improved reporting and accountability. Improve safety for staff and residents, anywhere within your facility.

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About lyrical care

The makers of Whistle software.

Lyrical Care is a software company committed to improving the lives of aged care workers and their residents. With 30 years combined experience within the industry, our innovative software solutions create time saving efficiencies. Whistle, our core communications product, helps aged care workers spend more time looking after residents and providing the highest quality care.

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